Straw 4 Pieces & Cleaning Brush Pack STEEL Steel

by 24 BOTTLES | 24ボトルズ

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Sustainable and hygienic straws.

Once you have your own bottle, the next step is to have your own straw. Made of stainless steel, it is easy to clean and hygienic to use.
It's a set of 4, so you can use it separately for home use and external use. Comes with a cleaning brush.

Diameter 5 x H240mm
Weight: 12g

Set contents: 4 straws, 1 brush

Brand profile


A brand that was born in Italy in 2013 with the goal of “reducing the consumption of disposable PET bottles”.
The "-0,08" stamped on the bottle expresses the amount of CO2 that can be reduced by using the bottle.
In addition, we also participate in the "Zero Emission" initiative to reduce CO2 emissions to plus or minus zero by planting trees and creating forests. Collaboration bottles with high brands such as "Dior", "FENDI", and "Lamborghini" are born one after another.

In addition, the many patterns and colors that are announced every season are typical of Italy, and we are developing a fashionable collection.

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