MIME FRIENDS PLUS | A gift of words (we will record and deliver a message to those who wish) MIME FRIENDS PLUS

by WOODY O'TIME | ウッディーオータイム

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Move! talk! Unique cute animals!

A new function has been added to the talking-loving moving stuffed animal [Mime Friends]!

[Recording and playback] function is added, and messages can be delivered 💭

Cute chatty animals convert your spoken words into funny tones and repeat them while moving. It's no longer just a toy!

I would be happy if I could record a message to someone important to me, or receive a message from my grandchildren who live far away. I might even be able to help you with a confession!

You won't be able to stop talking with this cute and expressive stuffed animal! The mood maker of the house is healed just by looking at it as an interior.

Because it is in a special cute package, it is very popular as a gift!
Recommended as a gift regardless of age or gender!

*If you would like to record, please let us know your desired short message by e-mail.


External dimensions: W9 x D8 x H17cm
*There are slight differences depending on the individual.
* Uses AAA batteries x 3 (sold separately) (batteries included for operation test)


Material: Polyester Screw: Iron Battery Box: ABS


Package for Mime Friends


WOODY O TIME SPACEJOY Place of Origin: Designed by Japan / Made in China


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・This product uses AAA batteries (3 batteries). (sold separately)
・Batteries should be replaced by an adult or guardian.
・Batteries are dangerous if swallowed, so keep them out of reach of children.
・Do not mix secondary batteries (rechargeable batteries), old batteries, new batteries, etc.
・The product may not operate normally and may cause malfunction.
・There are individual differences in voice, and the voice may be low.
・Please read the precautions on the product before use.
・We are not responsible for any accident, failure, or loss of data caused by using this product.
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