picnic lunch box

by GENIAL | ジェニアル

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Large capacity of 4200ml in 3 steps! Folds up compactly when stored.

An easy-to-use 3-tier lunch box with calm and mature colors. Because it has a large capacity, it can be used for any occasion, such as fun events, picnics, athletic meets, and leisure activities. It has a large capacity of 4200ml, but it has a nice slim rectangular design. The upper 2 levels are shallow and the lower level is deep, making it highly practical. ◎Comes with 4 separate plates that can be stored inside the top cover. Nested so it can be stacked and compact when stored.

parts Raw resin Cold and heat resistant
Top Lid/Body/Plate PP -20 to 120°C
Inner lid/belt PE -20 to 60°C

ーーーーーーーーーーーーーーーーーーーーーーーーーーーーSize: W234 x D140 x H200mm (when used)
W234 x D140 x H155mm (when retracted)
195 x 120mm (plate)

Capacity: 1200ml x 2 stages 1800ml x 1 stage
Weight: 660g
Material: PP (top lid/body/plate)
PE (inner lid/belt)

Origin: China
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