Antimbottle cold and thermal bottle 200ml

by GENIAL | ジェニアル

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200ml stainless steel mini bottle keeps hot and cold for about 6 hours
A mini water bottle that fits in a handbag with a cup!

A small water bottle with a "cup" that fits in a pocket or handbag.
It's compact, so it's easy to carry, and the capacity is just right at 200ml.
You can drink it directly, and it's a nice point that you can use it according to the scene.
It's small and slim, so it fits easily in gaps in school bags and business bags.

A versatile water bottle that can be used for both casual and active occasions, with an elegant chic color.


External dimensions: Diameter 57 x W75 x H150mm
Capacity: 0.2L
Weight: 162g


Material: Stainless steel (body)
PP (Cup / Inner Plug)
Silicone (packing)


Antim bottle body


Origin: Designed by Japan / Made in China


Thermal Insulated Water Bottle, Petite Mini, Small, 200ml, 0.2L, With Cup, Direct Drinking, Mug Bottle, Mini Bottle, Insulated Bottle, Portable, Slim, Compact, Chic, Stylish, Plain, Simple, Eco-saving, School


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・Keep out of reach of children.
・Do not use with dry ice or carbonated drinks.
・Do not use a microwave oven or an open flame.
・Do not freeze or use in a freezer.
・Wash immediately after use, dry well and store.
・Be careful of frostbite when using in cold climates.
・We are not responsible for any accident, failure, or loss of data caused by using this product.
・If you use it with excessive force, it may cause damage to this product or the main unit.
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