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by ENSEMBLE | アンサンブル

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[playful tipsy glass]

Using Duralex's iconic Picardie glass, we re-melted it in a high-temperature kiln to create a new shape that has never existed before.

*Please note that all shapes are different.
*It is not full-scale physically tempered glass.

Remelted and reconstructed in the small town of Teplice in the Czech Republic, Tipsy glass is quite unique. (TIPSY = tipsy) The TIPSY glass was first created and commercialized for London's creative collective DesignMarketo.
The world looks a little different when you're tipsy. These glasses are perfect for serving cocktails and adding a touch of originality to your table. Playful TIPSY makes conversation lively.

ーーーーーーーーーーーーーーーーーーーーーーーーーーーーSize: Approx. Diameter 85-95xH65-80mm
Material: Glass (not full-face physically tempered glass)
Origin: Czech Republic (final processing location)
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Brand profile


"LORIS & LIVIA" was launched in 2011 by Swiss designers Loris Jacquard and Livia Loba.

The two met in London while working respectively at the renowned design firm BarberOsgerby and Established & Sons, a well-known designer furniture and lighting brand in Japan.
Established "LORIS & LIVIA" to develop ideas for interiors that are unique, highly versatile, and have a sense of design. is launching a completely new product.

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