Antim Food Jar 500ml

by GENIAL | ジェニアル

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Hot soup for lunch!
500ml large capacity food jar

A food jar that holds plenty of vegetables

"Antim intime" means "friendship" and "relaxation" in French.

Enjoy a comfortable and relaxing time anytime, anywhere at intime.
The food jar has a large capacity of 500ml, so you can enjoy a bowl of vegetable soup for lunch.
The edge cover and packing of the lid can be disassembled, and the main body has a wide diameter, so you can wash the inside thoroughly and hygienically!

A rare soup jar with a removable plastic edge cover!
Since the stainless steel part is covered, it is easy to eat and drink!


About diameter 88 x H140mm
Weight: about 285g
Capacity: 0.5L
[Heat retention effect] 68°C or higher (6 hours), 35°C or higher (24 hours)
[cold insulation effect] 10 degrees Celsius or less (6 hours)


Body inside/outside: stainless steel polypropylene (inner cover/outer lid)
Silicone (packing)


Soup jar body


Origin: Designed by Japan / Made in China


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[Precautions regarding handling products]

The following products are not defective, but the manufacturing process and the unique texture of the product,
If the specifications are different depending on the lot, we treat it as a "good product" and ship it.
Thank you for your understanding.

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[Please read before purchase/use]

・There may be some scratches or stains due to the manufacturing process.
・Specifications and designs may change without notice depending on the lot.
・Be sure to wash before using for the first time.
・Never put the following items in the bag. Dry ice and carbonated drinks.
・Do not leave in a hot place such as in a car for a long time. Doing so may cause malfunction such as deformation.
・Do not leave the lid or edge cover submerged in water.
・Be careful not to lose the packing. Drinks may leak and stain things.
・Cannot be used in a microwave oven, freezer, dishwasher, or dryer.
・If you use a sports drink, clean it immediately after use.
・After adding a drink, turn the main unit upside down and check that there are no leaks.
・When putting in a bag, place the main unit vertically. Prevents leaks in the unlikely event.
・Please do not carry precision equipment such as personal computers and digital cameras together.
・Make sure that the lid/packing and spout packing are securely attached.
・Make sure the lid is securely closed.
・Do not open or close the lid while it is tilted.
・If you use it with excessive force, it may cause damage to this product or the main unit.
・Do not use this product for purposes other than its intended purpose.
・Be sure to read the attached instruction manual before use.
・Notes will be updated and added as appropriate.
・Please take a look at the shop overview column before purchasing.
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*The size shown is the size recommended by the manufacturer, or the size when laid flat.

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